Shine Bright at Upland

Shine Bright at Upland.

Upland exuberates this swanky energy that draws you in from the moment that you arrive at their front door. It could be the warm invitation of the service or maybe the hundreds of jars of lemons that line the walls of the restaurant- whatever it is, I’m digging it. The cheery ambiance of the restaurant is completed with a modern rustic décor. Placed in the heart of lively South Beach on Collins Ave, this California inspired restaurant is a fantastic way to start your night out.

Do you ever read a menu and look at the names or description of dishes and still confused at what you’re getting? This is not the case here. The menu is well structured and organized while containing a vast array of intricate options. Following the format of their menu:

Raw: Drunken snapper- Just a hint of tequila and mixed with lime and cilantro. Quite frankly this dish yields a small little fiesta in your mouth and resembles a creative twist on ceviche.

Grilled Stuffed Calamari: Calamari with Chorizo- LOVE this combo. The dish is balanced out by grilling it- which seals in the intensity of the chorizo while adding just a touch of charbroiled flavor.

Crispy Parisian Gnocchi: I selfishly indulged in this dish not once, but TWICE during dinner and felt zero shame J  This is my FAVORITE item off the menu- the perfect balance of sauce and parmesan with a crispy finish.

Crispy Potatoes: Yes, you will get your carb fill and so much more. The creamy dill mayo sauce makes this dish with a kick of jalapeno at the end. Much like the Gnocchi, the crispy finish is on point. This savory dish is a great add-on to any of the entrée items.


Since this is right in South Beach, you will also get a chance to enjoy people watching and the line of Lamborghinis, Ferrari’s, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce’s gracefully parked in front of the restaurant belonging to locals and tourists alike visiting this chic restaurant.


Until Next Meal,

– Danielle

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