Seaspice Restaurant

Sexy. Spicy. Sassy. Satiable. Savory. Sinful. Sociable. Successful.


Seaspice embodies all of my favorite “S” words, and a few of my favorite dishes. I have visited a few times by boat and the dockside service is impeccable and attentive. This aside, I wanted to come by car and have the full experience this time around- with the ambience, music, décor, and of course my favorite part, the FOOD (and cocktails)!!

I came with a few of my girlfriends around 8:30 on a Wednesday. If you know Miami, 8:30 is way too early for dinner and the only other people there were “happy hour-ing” at the bar. By the time we wrapped up dinner though, Seaspice was the way I usually see it; busy and full of life.

I can’t live without avocados and the Tequila Martini is feeding into this unhealthy obsession. This drink contains tequila (obviously), pineapple and lemon juice, St. Germain, and purees fresh avocado which balances out the acidity of the juices- making it slightly creamy and amazingly delicious. You really can’t go wrong with any cocktail on the menu- I’m just super bias towards this one 😉

Order the King Crab croquettes. Please. Pretty please. Not a usual filler for croquettes but its fresh, well balanced, and you will want more. Promise. I also recommend the Aushak Dumplings for you meat lovers- veal and leeks paired with a light yogurt sauce- perfectly done. The Pappardelle entrée with the braised short ribs and white truffle oil will melt in your mouth. I should have stopped there but we topped it off with the Prosciutto pizza and it was worth. every. bite.


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