Meet Model Patrica Jordane!

Patrícia Jordane gained prominence in the media of celebrities, when being cover of the masculine magazine Playboy in June of 2014. Model from Brazil . Mineira de Belo Horizonte, currently living in São Paulo, Patricia is only 23 years old. He performed several works as a model in music clips, fashion catalogs, advertising, commercials, best paparazzo 2014 essay on the ego site and printed the cover of Playboy in June 2014.
Winning prominence as the muse of the Cup, yielding more than 6 covers in several countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Venezuela, Servia and playmate in South Africa, Ukrania, Slovenia, Croatia, Netherlands, Bulgaria.
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In 2016 she was the advertising girl of Forteviron, highlight of the calendar of PLAYBOY of Mexico, playmate of Playboy Netherlands.
Currently Patricia Jordane makes recordings in the Band channel, publicity campaigns and follows in partnership with Playboy Brasil. And Chanel YouTube .
The highlight is for its stunning beauty and sensuality that yields good fruit in the campaigns in which it participates. Its curves well distributed to the 59kg, 60cm of waist, 93cm of bust and 96 of hip, measuring 1,70m of height.

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