The Le Tub Saloon

I thought I’d start this off with a real bang. No certain food is off limits for me. Therefore, no restaurant is either.

There might be a time that you just want to go all out for an upscale dinner date. 2 hours getting ready, wearing your best “Miami” outfit, and ready to take 305 selfies in those new Louboutin shoes. I’ve been there before, still do it now, and love it.

PSA: If you are having the classy broad moment as described above, this restaurant will probably leave you disappointed with your heels permanently stuck between the wooden floor beams. It will however, fully satisfy your palette while you enjoy a very relaxed “no-frills” atmosphere. This is the place where you can go rogue and off the grid for a couple of hours and enjoy a completely casual meal without trying to impress anyone or anything. Simplicity at its best. Do not come here without ordering a burger. They make an amazing burger (has won multiple awards- I ironically found one from GQ for “best Hamburger’) and an equally delicious bowl of chili. My “go- to” is the Salisbury Burger (bun-less served with a colorful salad) and a cup of chili with a generous helping of hot sauce. The burger is cooked in a way that is not too greasy, but just juicy enough that leaves you wanting more with every bite. The chili is similar as it’s perfectly balanced with broth and substance.

My first time at LeTub was over a year ago on a first date (apparently it’s a real thing to put girls through some “chill test”). ANYWAYS, like I said in the beginning, don’t get dressed up. Take in the eclectic tub décor in a cozy wooden shack. It’s right on the water- VIP viewing for Hollywood people watching and boats going by. It’s different and a change of pace. This is a place I frequently go- and yes, I’m still with the guy who introduced me to it.

Until Next Meal,



The Le Tub Saloon

1100 N Ocean Drive

Hollywood, FL 33019


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