Beaker and Gray

This hotspot for locals and visiting foodies alike boasts a modern industrial ambience that brings a very hip vibe to it. Easily one of my personal favorites to bring friends and colleagues to, as it’s a full-on social eating experience. This is definitely a huge “win” for the adventurous palate and those who want to expand their “palate repertoire”.

I can see how one might initially view the menu with skepticism. Why? Because I did. “Beets and Key lime? Octopus, Coconut, and Watermelon? This should be interesting…” Rest assured, I was pleasantly surprised. The menu just doesn’t do it justice.

MUSTS: Skip your “usual” and try one of their hand-crafted cocktails. Rose-Colored Glasses, Halliwell, and Lavagave are refreshingly fruity with a little sass, while the Black Orchid and WW? offer more of a sip and savor vibe.

The Baby Beets, Spanish Octopus, Cauliflower, Oxtail, Yellow Curry, and Pumpkin Gnocci are all dishes that will leave you and your guests fully satisfied and wanting to come back to try more. *Side note*- the sauce they use in each dish is a m a z I n g and they definitely do not cheat you out of it.

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