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The Nintendo 64 is a console which has a tendency to divide gamers. Launching back in 1996 (or 1997 in BUDDY areas) as the pc gaming market’s bread-and-butter switched from sprites to polygons, the console stands for– from a specific perspective– the very first time Nintendo actually dropped the ball. Tired of the platform owner’s licencing terms, lots of designers jumped ship to Sony’s PlayStation, brought in by fairer deals and cheaper disc-based media. In the meantime, Nintendo doubled down on a heavy piece of equipment with confusing, kiddy-coloured controllers that were arguably out of step with pc gaming’s growing target market.

On the other hand, for many players the N64 evokes a few of our really warmest, strongest gaming memories. It was while sporting this console’s three-pronged pad that a number of us took our very first steps into a three-dimensional Mushroom Kingdom or Hyrule, and the unique enjoyment of 4-player split-screen Mario Kart or GoldenEye sticks in our mind like couple of other multiplayer experiences.

We have actually formerly assembled positions for the leading 50 3DS games, Video game Kid video games, Nintendo DS games and GameCube games, and thanks once more to the User Scores submitted by readers, we can currently reveal the top 50 N64 video games ever before. There’s no doubt that we’ve got a fine option of 64-bit lovelies listed below, but bear in mind, this list is not set in stone. The ranking will continue to advance automatically according to user ratings submitted to the Nintendo Life game database, so do not worry if you lost out on ‘electing’– you can still do so by simply scrolling down and also ranking them currently!

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo loaded a lot happiness right into Mario Kart 64– the sights, the noises, the music. It’s like a family-friendly circus ride rolled right into a video game cartridge. While Super Mario Kart for the Super NES originally architected the Nintendo kart-racing experience, Mario Kart 64 let the principle breathe with totally polygonal 3D tracks, new fight modes, as well as support for approximately 4 simultaneous racers– that makes this a fantastic party game. For solo gamers, also when you’re done defeating all the GP mugs at three speeds plus mirror tracks, you still have lots of Time Attack challenges ahead of you. The replay value here is tremendous.

Doom 64

Due to its launch date, Ruin 64 often tends to get overlooked compared to shooters like GoldenEye: 007, which landed later in 1997. However this dark and brooding title ought to get on every FPS fan’s playlist. Ironically, while Ruin 64’s non-polygonal graphics were taken into consideration dated at the time, those graphics have actually made it age far better than several other 3D shooters on the console. The controls have actually aged well as well: as the first Doom title with proportional analog activity, Ruin 64 still feels like a modern take on a retro shooter experience. The lack of jump as well as look up/down functionality that doubters mentioned as drawbacks in 1997 likewise radiate in retrospection, maintaining the demon-slaying experience stylish, arcade-like, as well as easy to get involved in. Pulse-pounding and really terrifying at times, it’s the most effective single-player FPS on the N64.

Mario Party 2

In 1998, Mario as well as team invaded parlor game land with Mario Event for the N64. It supplied a novel turn-based 1-4 player parlor game stressed with agitated and interesting action-based mini games at the end of every turn. Sadly, a number of the intensely physical mini video games (i.e. “revolve the stick as fast as you can”) in the first Mario Parlor game wore out thumbsticks and offered gamers sores. Mario Party 2, released the list below year, improved that by taming the thumb-busting video games, including brand-new boards, and throwing in lively functions like outfits. Many Mario Celebration fans still consider this game to be the very best in the collection. Considering there have been at the very least 15 Mario Party games launched across 8 various platforms since then, that’s saying a great deal.


Throughout the golden era of 3D platformers, the Nintendo 64 played host to at the very least four terrific access in the genre. Of these, Banjo-Kazooie really sticks out for its great controls, likeable personalities, dazzling graphics, remarkable dynamic songs, atmospheric levels, and an excellent dose of wit. You play as Banjo, a bear with a bird called Kazooie that conceals in a backpack till required. Kazooie assists by extending Banjo’s abilities, such as flapping his wings for a double dive or pecking enemies. This video game received a very related to N64 sequel called Banjo-Tooie that numerous consider to be of comparable top quality.

Perfect Dark

If you’re seeking GoldenEye: 007 on this checklist, I must say sorry: I have actually offered its port to Perfect Dark, one more Unusual title that several fans take into consideration above the popular James Bond shooter. For lots of people, Perfect Dark’s single-player setting isn’t the piece de resistance. Like GoldenEye, it enables rowdy and affordable four-player deathmatches with various interesting settings, tools, maps, and also options. The controls can really feel unpleasant from a modern shooter point of view (as well as the graphics have not aged well), but once you obtain utilized to them, they come to be force of habit. If you’re trying to find an elder multiplayer experience on the N64, you can’t fail with this title.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time did to Link what Super Mario 64 did to Mario: It tossed him right into a fully 3D polygonal world with a wandering electronic camera as well as symmetrical analog control. The results stunned fans and doubters alike, who praised the game’s ingenious context-sensitive controls, instinctive combat (with Z-targeting), abundant world structure, testing yet fair dungeons, as well as an impressive musical score that might never be equaled by a Zelda title. Melody plays a key part in this journey: Link’s Ocarina groove can alter the globe around him, consisting of the climate and also time itself. As soon as you dive into Ocarina of Time, you can not aid however feel that you have been pulled into a living, breathing globe. While it’s alluring to play it on an emulator nowadays, I recommend finding the real point on a real CRT for the most enveloping experience.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario places the titular hero as well as his Mushroom Kingdom cohorts into a humorous RPG set in a crossbreed 2D-3D globe where personalities exist as flat, paper-thin things in 3 dimensional area. In a console light on RPG video games, it’s most likely the best RPG on the system. Fight combines turn-based commands with action elements such as specially timed switch presses for doing added damages. The rich, vivid artwork as well as fun lore constructed into this game makes Paper Mario seem like a fan’s love letter to the entire Mario world that has actually come to life.

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